Our unique process of co-creation helps businesses innovate & thrive

We follow our proven (& unique) innovation methodology over a 4 month, 8 stage programme

Sweet Spot & Feasibility

We clarify the unique product proposition behind the food concept and refine the business model accordingly.

We create a brand/product vision & value proposition & we define a strategic plan to achieve ambitious, realistic outcomes.

By running consumer, category and competitive analysis we can define brand solutions to overcome market threats we uncover in the various data sources we have to hand.

We then create a market entry strategy that mitigates the risks identified at the analysis stage, whilst holding true to the core brand value proposition.

Product Development

We help you to create, develop and improve concepts and market ready products.

Food product development can be complicated and costly. We’re entirely focussed on innovating to simplify production and reduce end product cost.

Further, by engaging our network of suppliers, manufacturers and food-scientists in your product development we encourage efficiency, transparency and adoption of new technologies.

The impact of our input is a complete supply chain with viable, sustainable and competitive market ready products.


We help to create iconic brands that are built to last.

We believe that an authentic brand promise in the food industry is critical.

Consumer understanding in your brand category should underpin your brand; we aim to have a clear and simple definition of the brand personality & brand pillars, together with an extensive creative brief.

The end result is a sustainable brand proposition, with which your audience identifies.

Route to market

We help to design and plan market entry strategies that reach your target market.

By defining smart supply chain solutions, smart pricing strategies, relevant points of purchase and e-commerce solutions we can accelerate brand market entry.

Whilst we continue to collaborate with traditional food retailers we’re also initiators of new retail opportunities for brands, whether technology led or direct to consumer.


We focus on building brave new value driven marketing and communication campaigns.

The consumer sits at the heart of the food industry. Ensuring your brand reaches the right audience at the right time with the right message is critical.

By campaign planning that utilizes diverse consumer channels we ensure that your brand lands with your consumer with relevance and impact.


We make businesses investment ready.

Traditionally the Food industry is considered to be high invest risk. We can mitigate some of this risk by identifying the most suitable investors & funding channels.

We do this by evaluating investor requirements, which we then align with expected investment performance of the start-up business.

Launch and Testing

Your brand gaining access to live retail environments.

By leveraging our relationships with supermarkets, pop up shops & restaurants, high end retailers and our own retail channel we can list small scale production through test phases.

Read more about Cinnamon Bridge retail platform.


Putting start-up brands in front of key decision makers.

By carefully selecting the businesses we choose to work with we have established a network of retail buyers, distributors, wholesalers and investors that are eager to meet our start-up Partners.

By delivering one-on-one run through of the brands, our start-ups have undivided attention from buyers and investors.

Want to meet our team?

We are a group of food experts, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. With support from food industry experts we will Partner you in your business to build your brand as our own.

Not sure if you meet our criteria?

We carefully select 10 new food concepts a year; key to selection is category uniqueness and impact.