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We believe in a food future that’s built by brave people who are happy to challenge the status quo

 Global social call to action

# Food industries cause over 35% of all contribution to global warming.

# Our crops, meat and vegetables have lost almost 40% of their fundamental nutrients since the 1940s.

# Clean fresh water has started to become a luxury even in some of the most developed countries.

# Over 300 million people in the world are clinically obese and more than a billion overweight.

# Global food industry employs 1/3 of the world’s working population.


CB way…

# Industry leading manufacturers are too big to disrupt
…build and nurture adaptable business and manufacturing practices
Industry is failing to attract new talent
…create opportunities and access for young and creative people to launch and test their ideas
# Advice is scarce and prohibitively expensive
…provide cost effective access to expertise by centralising intellectual capital
# Traditional retail listing for new brands continue to be resource intensive
…create new retail channels and routes to market that reduce initial cost
# Food industry is complex to navigate for new businesses
…provide frameworks that create industry clarity for entrepreneurs
# Capital investment can be tough to access
…connect the appropriate investment at the appropriate time
# Ideas in food industry are difficult to safeguard
…protecting brand authenticity through original thinking and creating intellectual property rights

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