Prep Pitch

At Cinnamon Bridge we work with investors and entrepreneurs to fund unique and impactful businesses in the food space. We offer investment advice, insights, tools and a vast network for businesses, that can facilitate innovation in the food supply chain or introduce better products to the market.

 Designed to bridge the gap between finance and entrepreneurs. Prep&Pitch is a series of workshops to prepare and practise pitching skills in front of experienced professionals. Prep&Pitch culminates in a private gathering of angel and institutional investors, retailers and distributors that have a specific interest in the Food Space.

Prep & Pitch Package

Troubleshooting & diagnostics session

A 2 hour, private session in which we partake in an in-depth analysis of where the business is and what it may potentially be missing in the eyes of an investor. The purpose is to spot potential weaknesses, suggest potential solutions to current problems and create a list of items to be reviewed during the next 10 days in order to make the pitch perfect for investors or buyers.

CB support & mentoring

During those 10 days, start-ups will have  mentors that best suit the needs and focal points of the troubleshooting session. It is an opportunity to bounce ideas off of experienced and knowledgeable people. You will also be allocated time with a graphic designer to optimise your pitch deck. The outcome will be a validated, concise and eye-catching presentation of your business.

Pitch practice

Pitch workshops are designed to put what was covered into practice. In groups, CB will take you through the process of what to communicate and how to communicate it to improve your chances of gaining investment. Receiving invaluable feedback from the panel of CB experts, you should leave this stage with the confidence of a clear understanding of how to present your business and what to present  in a successful way.

CB Pitching Day event

The culmination of this process is the final event. This is your chance to pitch your business and prove that your innovative idea might contribute to solving key food related challenges. Startups have a platform to pitch their business to a bespoke audience of angel investors, retailers and other key commercial partners such as Startup Funding Club, Worth Capital, Clark Group, Wild Blue Cohort, Tesco. Afterwards, participants will speed meet the people they pitched to, this way you will be able to network face to face. 

With a limited number of places available only the best startups will have the chance to participate. Complete the application form below and we will get back to you within 2 working days. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us on

Price: £500 + VAT