Cinnamon Bridge is launching a new service CB Prep&Pitch, designed to prepare food start-ups for the inevitability of fundraising. Knowing what to do, what to say, what documents to have and what kind of information investors want to hear in the food space can be a daunting task. CB Prep&Pitch has been designed to address this and prepare food start-ups when seeking investment and provide them with an opportunity to connect with potential investors as well as other key Partners in a food industry.

Broken down into stages, Prep&Pitch consists of a one on one trouble shooting session to spot the potential weaknesses and suggest potential solutions. From there, start-ups then have access to both graphic designers and experts to improve material, validate offerings and focus their pitches on key communicational points.

Pitching workshops are then designed to put what was covered into practice. In groups, you will have the chance to practice pitching to a panel. CB will take you through the process of how to communicate to improve clarity in the value proposition and your chances of gaining investment.

The culmination to which is a final event on the 19th April, CB Pitching day, a private gathering of angel and institutional investors, retailers, distributors and potential other commercial partners that have interest in the Food Space. Think of a mix between Dragons Den and speed dating. You’ll get the chance to pitch your business and speed date investors. At the end, not only do you receive in-depth feedback, you can network and interact with investors, find out their personal thoughts and feelings on your pitch and business. Afterwards, Cinnamon Bridge will facilitate introductions for investors that signalled their interest in a business for further discussion.

Businesses wishing to apply for CB Prep&Pitch can do so here. With a maximum capacity of 10 start-ups able to participate, only those that meet minimum requirements and their business is ready will qualify and therefore, be accepted onto CB pitching.

Application deadline is 30th of March. 

The total cost for CB Prep&Pitch is £500 (excluding VAT).